Brand Partners


• Setting up an EU distribution hub that enables you to not only service mainland Europe but also other continents such as the Americas and the Asia Pacific

• Building a value chain that ensures your brand is positioned in parallel with your home market, considering local import duties and VAT

• Reviewing product labels to ensure they’re compliant for export and meet the required standar

• Conducting a full competitor analysis to determine the landscape and how best to position your brand for success internationally

• Ensuring that your administrative process is set up effectively to obtain the information required to satisfy domestic government requirements, conduct SEED, and credit checks

Develop a questionnaire that you can send to prospective distributors to complete, which will help you determine if they are a good fit for your objectives in that given markets

•  Develop a process that enables you to find and source suitable distribution partners and also store and manage this information safely so that you can develop a database of appropriate contacts

• Ensuring best practice is applied in how distributors are managed, including distribution contracts, the process for price increases, allocating and executing a marketing budget, market visits, and brand plan template

• Exploratory meeting to understand the profile of your preferred import/distribution partner in any given market

• Determine geographic regions of focus for the lifetime of the project

• Charter Brands will then allocate dedicated resources to your brand and approach distributors in the agreed territories following the import/distributor profile

• Biweekly meetings where a full update will be provided of all companies approached

• Actionable feedback is provided so that you can understand why import/distributors are reluctant to take on the brand and address / improve your proposition

• Offering a low risk means of understanding the appeal your brand has internationally before you decide to invest additional resource

• Providing an opportunity to open several new markets over a short time period and test your product live in the market

Brand Partners

the Market  

Brand Partners

Full – Time

• This is a 360 service whereby you as a brand owner can ultimately outsource your export operation to Charter Brands and focus instead on brand-building in your home market, developing your marketing capabilities, and fine-tuning your proposition

• We will be responsible for prospecting import/distributors and opening new markets based on the tools we have developed together, outlined in our other consultancy packages

• Charter Brands will also manage the processing of all orders, coordinating collections between the warehouse, freight forwarder, and import/distributor

• Charter Brands will look to develop brand plans for each market we open, which will be communicated with the brand owner

• We will also look to schedule quarterly calls with import/distribution partners and will partake in annual visits to key markets

• Our performance is 100% related to Charter Brands making a pre-agreed margin per case. This makes our solution low risk to you, the brand owner, and removes any complexity to your business associated with export*

• We will then account manage any markets we open, working with complete transparency whilst ensuring that you, the brand owner have a close working relationship with the customer

• Monthly meetings will be scheduled where our team will provide you with a full report of sales YTD by market, customer, and product with YoY comparisons so you can truly understand where you are succeeding internationally and where additional work is required. New opportunities we’ve opened, existing opportunities and their latest status, opportunities lost, and the reasons why will all form the basis of these catchups, so you know exactly how your brand is performing

* For brand owners who have not previously tested their product in export, we must go through the six months of Testing the Market outlined above. Where a brand owner has existing distribution internationally, the option starts at this stage.