Our Service

First recruiting the right person, and then funding the activities and acquiring the necessary knowledge and know-how to yield results comes at an immense cost to a business, with no guarantee of success.

The lead time between approaching an importer/distributor and receiving the first purchase order is often more than six months and can sometimes extend to over a year. Therefore, any decision to pursue international expansion must be well-considered before making any commitment. Charter Brands enables brand owners to ultimately outsource their export operation without losing control, with a low-risk, 360-degree solution.

We earn a mutually agreed margin per case without negatively impacting the value chain. There are no consultancy fees, and if we fail to deliver, our contracts are designed to enable the brand owner to walk away, allowing both companies to part amicably.

Here are some key examples of how we help get our brand partners export ready:

  • Setting up an EU distribution hub that enables you to not only service mainland Europe but also other continents such as the Americas and the Asia Pacific.
  • Building a value chain that ensures your brand is positioned in parallel with your home market, considering freight costs, local import taxes, duties, and VAT.
  • Conducting a full competitor analysis to determine the landscape and how best to position your brand for success internationally.
  • Reviewing product labels to ensure they’re compliant for export, meeting the required standards validated by our third-party partner BRI Campden.
  • Ensuring that your administrative process is set up effectively to obtain the information required to satisfy the domestic governmental requirements set out by HMRC.
  • Advising on all the required assets in order to ensure that importers/distributors can effectively build the brand and process orders efficiently.

Once the stage is set, we then get to work in building your brand internationally:

  • Charter Brands allocates dedicated resources to your brand and begins approaching distributors in the agreed territories.
  • Quarterly meetings will highlight new opportunities we’re working on and provide you with an update on existing discussions and their latest status.
  • If an import distributor turns down the opportunity to distribute your brand it’s important to understand why. We always provide actionable feedback so that you can be forever improving your proposition.
  • Charter Brands takes care of all order processing, advising on the documents required for product registration and servicing orders ongoing.
  • We are also responsible for coordinating collections between the warehouse, freight forwarder, and import/distributor.
  • We effectively account manage any markets we open, working with complete transparency, while ensuring that you, the brand owner, have a close working relationship with the customer.
  • We’re proactive in our approach, regularly scheduling catch-up meetings with all key customers, and getting out to the market at every opportunity to develop and nurture these relationships.
  • Whether it be ProWein, Bar Convent Berlin, Athens, Lisbon, or Rome Bar Show, you can guarantee we’ll be there, often exhibiting, but at the very least supporting our existing distribution partners and meeting with new prospective partners.